We Create Apps for Babies and ToddlersOur goal is to keep your child busy and make your child happyDownload it now

We Create Apps for Babies and Toddlers

We are a group of parrents that develop apps for our children

Our goal is to keep your child busy and make your child happy

We did it for ourselves and now we do it for you. We will keep your child busy and make your child happy.

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First Baby App with multi-touch

The most modern smartphone comes with an edge free or bevel free design, so when you child holds the phone, he or she can not interact with the game elements and simply can not play. With multi-touch support, now you can let your child hold the phone and play the games all by himelf or herself.

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NO ADS (during gameplay)

Like most other free apps, this app is also sponsored by ads. However, no ads will be shown during gameplay, so your child can not click at the ads by accident.

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Child Lock included

You can now start the game and walk away and your baby will keep on playing without exiting the app accidentally.

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Why keep your balloon pop, hit-a-groundhog, finger firework, baby phone or other baby apps, while you can have it all in one app? Are you looking for an app that can keep your child busy and happy… all day long? Stop searching, you have just found it.

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Baby Games 7-in-1

Baby Games 7 in 1, Activity Center comes with 4 classics baby games, like balloon pop, baby phone, hit a mole and finger fireworks. Beside that 3 more revolutionary simple tapping games are added.

★ Balloon Pop – This is a classic baby game. Your kid can pop the balloon by tapping it. There are also animals floating up in a bubble, pop it to hear the animal sound. Some balloons contains surprise elements. Let your kid play regulary to find out.

★ Baby Phone – Your kid can touch the phone buttons to hear the DTMF tones, pick up the ringing phone to hear some cartoon voices, play the phone piano or hear some animal sounds and last but not least learn number by listening to how a number should be pronounciated.

★ Hit a Mole – Your kid can hit the mole before the mole dive under again. Play regulary to find the secret elements.

★ Finger Firework – Your kid can create a firework show, just by tapping anywhere on the screen. These very beautiful and colourful fireworks explode like real fireworks, I guess the parents also like to play with it.

★ Interactive Fish Tank – Your kid can watch the fishes swimming around. Touch the fish to see the funny reaction. There are hidden elements in this Fish Tank. Play regulary to find the secret elements.

★ Ice Pucks – Your kid can add pucks on the screen, rotate it or slide it to collide with other pucks. The dizzy symbols on the puck are able to catch your baby or kids attention and they like it very much.

★ Marble run – Your kid can drop a marble and watch it falls down through a maze of pins. Drop 10 or more for more fun and sounds. Flood it to get the CLIMAX.



★ No Ads for all 7 baby games
This game is sponsored by Ads, but no ads will be shown during the gameplay. Only one ad will be shown when launching the game and another ad while exiting the game.

★ Child Lock
The back button is locked and you need to press the exit button 7 times to exit the game.

★ Multi Touch
All games are build for multi touch, which is necessary now, because most modern smartphone are almost edge free. Now your child can hold the smartphone him/herself and is still able to touch the game objects.

If you are looking for a great baby game app, stop looking, this is it. Download Baby Games 7-in-1 now.
Suitable for childrens from 1 to 4 years. Try it while taking a long flight or long journey.

Rate us or leave a review or some feedbacks, so that we can improve our game and make your kids happy again.

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